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Quit Smoking Hypnosis Australia

You can overcome these obstacles with the aid of Quit Smoking Hypnosis Australia. First, let’s get that out of the way. You’re not alone if you’ve ever put down a pack of cigarettes and vowed to quit smoking only to find yourself lighting up a few days or weeks later. According to a 2013 study by the Cancer Council of Victoria, 86% of smokers asked said they had attempted to stop smoking in the preceding 12 months. 30% of those attempts were unsuccessful.

Understanding why you’ve had trouble stopping in the past is the first step towards permanently quitting smoking. You smoke because the chemistry of your brain has been changed by the nicotine that you inhale with each hit. A component of which you are unaware. Strong impulses to smoke are triggered by this. This subconscious portion of your brain is attacked by nicotine. Your conscious brain’s role is to combat this. A professional hypnotherapist can be of assistance here.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Australia

In addition to nlp and cognitive behavioural therapy, a professional hypnotherapist will combine the use of hypnosis.  This is the act of putting a patient into a trance-like condition to enhance suggestibility to change their conscious habits, with therapeutic goals. By using these techniques, we can help you get rid of the negative subconscious factors that contributed to your smoking and replace them with healthy ones.

quit smoking hypnosis australia

What Is Involved in the Program? 

A two-session programme “Quit Smoking for a Healthier Life” is tailored to your needs and will assist you in quitting smoking successfully and painlessly.

Your first session lasts 90 minutes and typically includes the following

  • Assessing your unique situation, responding to any queries you may have, and preparing you to quit with a clinical hypnotherapy session. This is extremely important because every client I treat is different and needs individualised therapy.
  • You may receive an MP3 digital file that you can use in-between sessions to reinforce the results of the first session.
  • Asecond appointment will often be a week after the first, and you will leave my office as a non-smoker following this hypnosis session.
  • Majority of clients lack the desire to smoke, experience no unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, and have no trouble quitting smoking for an extended period of time. 

For the average smoker, buying a packet of cigarettes a day, “quit smoking for a healthier life” will pay for itself very quickly given the rising cost of cigarettes.