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Quantum Consciousness Encounter

According to quantum physics, the entire cosmos is our home and we are energy made up of subatomic particles – the Quantum Consciousness. Consciousness According to researchers, we are energy that can move, transform, and travel through space and time without restriction. We are Quantum Consciousness, and both of them are correct.

What is Quantum Consciousness?

We are a window onto the dynamic, ongoing adventure of the entire universe. And we are a human doorway that is awaiting activation into the fabric of the cosmos, to put it simply.  Passing through that portal into ever-expanding realms of awareness on the path of quantum consciousness.

You can accept your enlarged state of being by using Zen hypnotherapy to help you enter a state of remembering. Your consciousness is brought to many facets of your being throughout this secure and organic trip that is performed in the energy of service provided by a Facilitator.  Enabling you to completely comprehend your expansiveness and Oneness with everything that is. A quantum consciousness experience (QCE) is a guided journey into your unique personal cosmos where space, time, and consciousness are non existent.

Space from your current existence, you can access your past or future selves.

It can have similar uplifting effects to a Past Life experience, such as a deep relaxation, and it can be highly enlightening.There aren’t many occasions where you can connect with the other facets of who you are that exist in various timelines, realms, or parallel lives and feel yourself as a multidimensional entity.

We will assist you in expanding your personal universe from your current consciousness outward via the other realms until you are the universe itself.

And now we embrace this most pure form of ourselves as we spread out even more into your particular world to your Eternal Consciousness. We experience this amazing extended state of being as something profound and eternal.  Instead of being a part of the universe, we become the universe. 

In this condition, there are no restrictions or bounds; we are just what we are.  We instantly merge with everything that is by sending a wave of developing consciousness flowing through our holographic universe and into the fabric of the cosmos.

quantum consciousness encounter

After completing this amazing voyage

We return through your worlds to the permanently altered Present Consciousness in order to integrate, mature, and progress from what has been learned.  Sometimes, while we were outside of time and space, a longer period of time has passed back here in human form.  And when your insights are assimilated, there will be some time for in-depth thought.

In the situations we have seen, a recurring theme has emerged. Clients notice a lighter vibe as we move away from the dark energy that has long permeated people and the events of this planet. As we expand into the quantum levels of our consciousness, it feels as though we enter a lighter condition of existence.

QCE can help you establish connections with parts of yourself

That have had experiences entirely different from those you have experienced in this present incarnation. You may frequently create the space for a continuing energy exchange that will benefit both parties and improve the cosmos as a whole.

In order for humanity to awaken to a deeper sense of collective self in the midst of a problematic world, there is an overarching philosophy that underpins the journey into quantum consciousness.

Will you come along on this journey with me?

A Typical Session

We discuss your goals for taking the QCE, or what you hope to get out of it.

It may be done purely out of curiosity or to learn specific information. Your trip begins as we extend outward to discover the Stored, Alternate, Parallel, Inter-Dimensional, and Eternal Consciousness. We can help you enter a higher state of awareness with hypnosis. (Please see below for a description of the different realms.)

I then lead you back to your current level of consciousness with a completely new perception of who you actually are.

The Worlds

Stored Consciousness

All of your current lifetime’s experiences, regardless of age, are preserved in this world. We invite significant parts of you, regardless of your age, to stand up and offer guidance or healing. This makes it possible to confront self-limiting beliefs and access hidden strengths.

Different Consciousness

Alternate Realities: In this world, you can explore the alternate timeline in which you made a crucial choice regarding the direction you wanted to go in your current life. To improve your comprehension of both your universe and their universe, you can investigate the experiences of that “other self” in that parallel reality. It involves both parties.

Parallel Consciousness

Discover the lives that were lived in the past on Earth in the Parallel Life section. (In linear time, this is referred to as a past life.) In order to improve your current life, the lessons you’ve learned and the insights you’ve obtained are brought back to the present consciousness.

Inter-dimensional Consciousness

Existence Across Dimensions You can travel outside of Earth at this level of consciousness to experience different kinds of existences (physical or energetic), in other life forms, or in other dimensions, once more in return for energy.

Never Ending Consciousness

Imagine a dimension in which the threads of all previous existences are woven together to form the very fabric of the cosmos. You can be who you truly are and enjoy the universe in this dimension without any restrictions or bounds.