Hypnosis to Improve Fitness and Health

Hypnosis to Improve Fitness and Health

Hypnosis is a method that practitioners can use to help improve fitness and health.  That will people change their unwanted thoughts or behaviors. Some evidence confirms that this method is an effective strategy for weight loss in some people and to improve fitness and sports performance in others.  Further research is needed to determine if this is a useful permanent option.

Hypnosis usually involves a trained and certified therapist putting a person into a relaxed meditative state using therapeutic words, phrases, suggestions and techniques. It may also include guided meditiation, self-talk, visualization and music. When a person is in this altered state of consciousness, they can have a greater focus where their mind is more open to change.

Many experts argue that these techniques allow a person to pull resources from within themselves that they cannot reach while in a fully conscious state. Studies show that hypnosis can help with weight loss and increased fitness . Some people find that hypnosis helps them make the right dietary changes, eating fewer calories and exercising more often.

Changing Behavioral Patterns

A reason we often don’t want to exercise or make excuses is because underlying patterns are preventing us from achieving the success we seek.  Hypnosis encourages positive behaviors and thought patterns that help you easily motivate and inspire.  Making you want to go to the gym or exercise.

Hypnosis can present exercise to your subconscious mind as something exciting, not something you “have to do.” It’s when motivation comes naturally without effort and you’re the one who can’t wait to go to that gym.

Improve Fitness and Health

You have power in hypnosis.  Most people imagine hypnosis as something where they loose control and do whatever the hypnotherapist tells them to do. This is far from true hypnotherapy. In hypnosis, a state of deep relaxation is combined with suggestive and gentle guidance, where you are in charge of the whole thing. When you in the zone of hypnosis, things will become available from the hidden parts of your consciousness that may be blocking you.

You will modify targeted templates. During a session, you will have full control over what is happening and can put a stop to the process at any time.

improve fitness and health
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Permanent Results

Frequent hypnotherapy can produce permanent results in all facets of your life, including your appearance and how you perceive yourself.

During hypnotherapy, methods such as positive affirmations and visualization can help you take better care of yourself.  Being more aware of what is going on in your subconscious. Before you know it, training and fitness will no longer feel like work.  But something that comes naturally to you, that you will enjoy. You will achieve better results physically.

Good training has many benefits.

  • It can aid in better sleep.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Help fight illness and mental problems such as depression.
  • It can also assist in dealing with stress and produce endorphins, the feel-good hormones.

If you think you don’t have the right genes for sports, read our article on how mind can beat DNA with virtual steriod hynosis work. 

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