What Is Hypnosis

What Is Hypnosis

Decades of research and clinical trials have shown that hypnosis can be remarkably effective for a wide variety of conditions.  So, what is hypnosis and how can it help me with my day to day struggles in life? 

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis works by updating the unconscious mind with new and more helpful information, like reprogramming a computer. It can be used to change associations, so that cigarettes, for instance, are no longer seen as “little friends”.  And are more realistically regarded as “toxic killers”.  It can also be used to mentally rehearse better ways of going about things.  Such as being able to deal with stressful situations without having to light up.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Weight management hypnosis can be very effective because it taps into your unconscious. This is where significant change can take place. Hypnosis will generally be the most effective when you combine two things.  A highly skilled and knowledgeable hypnotherapist and a very motivated client.

It is important that you are motivated to lose weight, because you will be less resistant to the process and thus more likely to succeed.


If you struggle with insomnia you may want to try hypnosis for sleep disorders.  While there are medications which can help you sleep, the quality of your sleep is often compromised when you take them. Also, most sleep medications are either addictive and can be used only short term. Or they become ineffective as you build up a tolerance to them.

So hypnosis can be a much more effective, not to mention safer, alternative.

what is hypnosis


If you suffer from a phobia it is definitely worth considering hypnosis as a means of treatment. While there are other methods which may also be effective, hypnosis may help you overcome the phobia, and in some cases alleviate it altogether.

One of the reasons hypnosis is so popular is because it is relatively inexpensive and has essentially no risk. And the results can be very quick without a lot of struggle and effort. Hypnosis works by accessing the unconscious mind so that positive changes can be made via the power of suggestion.

What Happens During a Hypnosis Session? 

During the hypnosis session, you will be guided into a highly relaxed state.

Process of reaching this state is referred to as the “hypnotic induction” and the extremely relaxed state is referred to as a “hypnotic trance”.  You are not asleep during this time.  But your mind is highly focused, and your anxiety is greatly reduced. 

This is important because anxiety and fear create resistance. Less resistance you have the more open to suggestion and change you will be. Hypnosis works then, by shaping our perception of reality by dealing directly with the unconscious mind, the seat of most of our problems.  And most of our solutions too.

If you do pursue hypnosis as a means of treatment, be sure that you work with a person is who has the appropriate training, experience and is a member of a reputable association

Also, be sure that you feel comfortable working with this person as trust is an essential element in any therapeutic relationship.

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