When considering a hypnotherapist.

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August 23, 2018
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When considering a hypnotherapist.

BLOG 16-09-2018
Brian William Smith
Mod Psychology | NLP MPrac | MH | PMAHA
Master Mindfulness Practitioner | Thought Field Therapy | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
AHA Qld Workshop Co-ordinator | Treasurer

When considering a hypnotherapist.

As in most professions, not all practitioners are created equal. Be aware and be vigilant of ego centric or god complex practitioners promising you the world. My advice is to ask as many questions that you can until you are satisfied that the therapist you choose is ABLE and WILLING to work with you to achieve YOUR goals. When considering a hypnotherapist you should first approach one of the regulatory bodies that exist, for advice and direction to therapists in their area. Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association and the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia are amongst the largest, and are happy to confirm that a practitioner is properly qualified, and insured.

Real Service – Art of Well-Being Hypnosis

These sites, only advertise therapists who are members of these organisations, or who have otherwise proved their credentials. Having established a therapist’s bonafides and you have satisfied yourself that hypnotherapy is an appropriate avenue for you to explore, then the single most important factor in choosing a hypnotherapist is quite simply how you think you’ll get on with them, and with the techniques they use. The relationship you will have with the therapist, aimed at solving your problem/s, is known as the Therapeutic Alliance, and the happier you are with your therapist, the stronger this alliance will be. The key to getting lasting results is to choose a clinical hypnotherapist who has the experience, skills and techniques that enable them to diagnose your specific blocks to happiness, health and well-being.

Be very wary of a hypnotherapist who treats clients in a group or in pairs – this is a clear indication that they may be using a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach. Like I said before, the therapy must be personally tailored if you’re going to get the results you want.

Not all hypnotherapists are equal!

Have an amazing day,

Brian William Smith.

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