What is Tele-Therapy Video Counselling and how does it work?

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March 26, 2020

What is Tele-Therapy Video Counselling and how does it work?

BLOG 17-07-2020
Brian William Smith
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What is Tele-Therapy Video Counselling and how does it work?

Tele-Therapy Video Counselling is similar to traditional therapy and does not require physical contact, so it is possible to replicate most of the Hypnotherapy experience virtually, especially with video chat. Tele-Therapy can, therefore, help with a wide range of conditions and issues, including, anxiety, trauma, stress and phobia. The therapeutic process is similar to in-person therapy. It usually begins with a few initial sessions during which the therapist and client get to know one another and discuss treatment goals. After that, the therapist may dig more deeply into the client’s issues, make recommendations for behavioral changes, and encourage the client to reflect on their emotions.

Tele-Therapy Video Counselling is an ideal option for people who find it difficult to access therapy in person. It is also an excellent option for slowing the spread of illness, for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic or in the flu and cold season.

Tele-Therapy Video Counselling is delivered using video-conferencing, audio communication, and/or text-messaging using mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers and provides real-time health care to clients at a distance. It’s easy, secure and with no software to install.

Today’s clients  lives in an increasingly connected world and expects a different kind of care experience. Tele-Therapy Video Counselling engages clients by allowing them to connect with my practice more frequently, in a convenient way. That means more questions asked and answered a stronger clinician-client relationship, and clients who feel empowered to manage their care. It expands access to quality client care, especially to regions and underserved populations that need it the most.

Safe and Secure Tele-Therapy

Areas provided by Tele-Therapy Video Counselling.


Alcohol Dependency


Life and Business Coaching

Quit Smoking

Phobia Elimination

Public Speaking


Sports Motivation

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Virtual Gastric Banding

Accessible from everywhere

Your desktop, tablet & smartphone

It’s easy to put off attending therapy when sessions are offered during limited office hours. For many people who already have a lot of commitments to juggle, seeking out this form of support can easily be bumped down the priority list. When a therapist can be readily available at a time that suits the client, it offers greater flexibility and could even encourage more people to seek the right support when they need it most.

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