Unconscious awareness hears even when we can’t.

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September 16, 2018
The Unconscious Awareness Never Forgets Anything.
December 1, 2018

Unconscious awareness hears even when we can’t.

BLOG 24-10-2018
Brian William Smith
Mod Psychology | NLP MPrac | MH | PMAHA
Master Mindfulness Practitioner | Thought Field Therapy | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
AHA Qld Workshop Co-ordinator | Treasurer

Unconscious awareness hears even when we can’t.

I have grace and wonderment on a daily basis at the human psyche and adaptability of our conscious and unconscious awareness to come together in rapport and gather references and resources to create change. Today was one of those special and unique events where I was blessed to have a client wanting a realistic plan to lose weight and had tried many diets over her 73 years, only to fail her desire to slim down and establish a healthy eating regime.

As a therapist, part of the conscious awareness movement and even as individuals in universe, we should all look for that uniqueness in a person and use those resources to build upon. Seeing what you see, feeling what you feel and hearing what you heard. Her uniqueness was that she was hearing impaired from child birth and relied on lip reading as well as looking at you square in the face while her two hearing aids assisted in picking up some audible sounds.

While talking to her noticeably louder, I simply suggested that soon after she closes her eyes, her unconscious awareness will be her eyes and ears and see, feel, and hear everything going on in and around the room and of course to focus on my voice.

After a brief moment in time where time can be clock time and feel like a hour but be a minute and dream time where time can feel like a minute and be an hour, I respectfully asked her unconscious awareness in a calm and normal tone, if it would like to communicate freely with me to help (insert subjects name)” create new behaviours and if so, by certain finger raising movements commonly known as Ideo-motor signals, yes-no- or not sure.

To my delight, this lovely woman began communicating with me on an unconscious level and where her conscious and unconscious are able to come together in an altered awareness to achieve her desired goals no matter that when in clock time, consciously struggled to hear my voice.
Simply beautiful to know that our unconscious awareness is a mighty friend and a part of us.

I believe in providing an affordable service for clients and aim to ensure that finances do not prevent someone from being able to access help and support when needed.
Have an amazing day,
Brian William Smith.

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