Science and the Art of Healing.

Quantum Consciousness
February 2, 2019
Do You Believe in Past Lives?
February 17, 2019

Science and the Art of Healing.

BLOG 11-02-2019
Brian William Smith
Quantum Consciousness Facilitator |Mod Psychology | NLP MPrac | MH | PMAHA
Master Mindfulness Practitioner | Thought Field Therapy | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
AHA Qld Workshop Co-ordinator| Treasurer.

Quantum Consciousness Facilitator







Holographic healing utilises the gifts of Quantum Physics.

When I talk to people about my work their first question usually asked is: “What is Quantum Consciousness?”

Quantum Consciousness is choosing to access the quantum field to create health. At sub-atomic level, the body is changed by our awareness and can be manipulated to promote healing mechanisms.

In conventional medicine, healing is effected mainly by treating the symptoms of the physical body disease, while in mind–body medicine the cure is performed by the mind itself (thoughts and emotions). In fact, the holographic mind theory claims that the mind could be either the healer or the slayer.

Every particle of matter, every cell, organ, arm and leg, every disease-causing pathogen has a unique energetic frequency signature.  Put another way, your body is continually broadcasting how it is and what it needs moment-by-moment.

When scientist split the atom they realized there was a whole world INSIDE the atom, which is what scientists call the sub-atomic level. There we find the quanta (Plural: quantum) which is an indivisible particle of matter.

What happens INSIDE this quantum field is mind boggling. What we think of as our reality suddenly shoots down the Rabbit Hole and the world starts looking like Alice in Wonderland.

This is what scientists say:

Matter can convert to energy and pure energy can convert to matter.

The infinitely small is the same as the infinitely large.

The intention of the observer changes and creates the outcome of how quantum behaves.

At the subatomic level when we observe something, we change its outcome.

The word hologram is composed of the two Greek words: “holos” = “complete” and “gramma” = “message and sign”.

Holographic healing utilises the gifts of quantum physics into life science and the art of healing, so that we might find an integrative medicine model – a holistic approach to health.

By healing we mean the absence of dis-ease, pain or negative emotions and the presence of peace, joy and creativity.

Art of Well-Being Hypnosis offers the “Quantum Consciousness Experience”.

It is a safe and natural journey and a profound personal exploration undertaken in the energy of service, offered by a trained facilitator from the institute for quantum consciousness.

There is an overriding philosophy that underpins the journey into Quantum Consciousness that brings great hope and intention to humankind in the midst of a troubled world, desperate to awaken a greater collective sense of self.

These sessions usually last between 2.5 –3 Hours

Please join me in this journey.

For further information contact Brian on 0423 112 322

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Have an amazing day!!!

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