How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Limiting Beliefs?

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February 17, 2019
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How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Limiting Beliefs?

BLOG 17-03-2019
Brian William Smith
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How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Limiting Beliefs?

When you think about your own personal beliefs and ask yourself the question, what do I believe? What immediately comes to mind? From the moment you take your first steps, you’re being programmed by others. Friends, family members, and teachers – they all play a part in helping to form your views. But their ideas are their own, and not necessarily the way you think at all.

At some point you have to decide which of those ideas are worth keeping, and which are simply holding you back.
What about the beliefs deep inside of you? What if I told you that you may have some limiting beliefs that are deep within your subconscious mind that may be preventing you from succeeding in life? We all tend to have certain beliefs about ourselves. The beliefs that empower us, and the limiting beliefs that dis-empower us. Those stories we tell ourselves about what we can and can’t do or the stories and beliefs about why we can’t do something.

Seek out new challenges with confidence and attitude.

This is where hypnotherapy helps by finding these limiting beliefs. Many of us go through life wanting to make changes in our lives in order to improve either our health, or prosperity, our relationships, to gain more self-confidence, or improve our memory and on and on… And we have every intention of making these changes but we seem to fail and we don’t know why. In many cases it is a deeply held belief within your subconscious mind that is holding you back. All through our lives we receive suggestions starting from childhood by our parents, teachers, politicians, religious leaders, and now we even receive suggestions from TV and social media that all influence our beliefs about ourselves.

By using hypnotherapy we are able to talk to your subconscious mind and possibly reframe the experience, and replace any negative statements with positive belief statements for your subconscious mind to now remember. The results are quite amazing and can help people change any numerous kinds of limiting belief systems that may be hindering their progress in life.
• Blast away beliefs that are holding you back!
• Create powerful new programming to help you move forward
• Develop habits and associations that enable you to do anything
• Seek out new challenges with confidence and attitude

Blast away beliefs that are holding you back!

The client is invited to focus on a specific positive future goal for the purpose of the session. The actual physical sensation (rather than just the idea) of the supposed limitation is identified and highlighted. The client is invited to contemplate what this ‘bodily response’ is for, and to communicate directly with this part of themselves.
By focusing on the unwanted responses, we can identify and take the client back to the ‘triggering situation’, and by focusing on the triggering situation, the unhelpful beliefs or unwanted responses can also be identified.

If you feel that you are not yet living the life that you want, feel free to reach out.





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