Cognitive Hypnotherapy Helps With Men’s Health

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July 9, 2018
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Cognitive Hypnotherapy Helps With Men’s Health

BLOG 23-08-2018
Brian William Smith
Mod Psychology | NLP MPrac | MH | PMAHA
Master Mindfulness Practitioner | Thought Field Therapy | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
AHA Qld Workshop Co-ordinator | Treasurer

It’s ‘Manly’ to be Vulnerable.

We have all heard about the mind and body connection and how our mental state can impact hugely on our health and well-being. This is also true when it comes to men’s health and there are many physical conditions which are influenced by our mental state and many men don’t like to talk about their problems although they do like solutions.

Men’s Health Hypnosis

Women as well as Men have five major emotions: guilt, fear, sadness, hurt and anger. Men sometimes have difficulty acknowledging sadness and hurt. Women however tend to go to those emotions more easily. Although women may experience similar symptoms, they approach their issues and feelings differently. Generally, men tend to label these emotions as something else, quite often they are angry or guilty, or angry about feeling guilty, pushing the sadness and hurt further inside. Men can be very good about pushing emotions away because they feel it is not ‘manly’ to be vulnerable.

Some men come to see me worried that they will somehow be controlled but soon discover clients are always aware of their true self and could never be controlled. Clinical hypnosis is only a natural change in brain wave patterns, similar to falling asleep. Once they know the mind or facilitator will never take them someplace they don’t want to go, then they begin to become comfortable and excited about the internal experience that awaits them.

Men have the same fears, worries and doubts but aren’t always as clear as to what is going on with them and don’t always come in with a specific area to work on. They know something is not working but are not sure exactly what? They are often stressed and can’t sleep at night. They don’t have time to examine their feelings. Their conscious mind tells them to get over it and man up. However, when emotions or physical reactions to emotions are ignored, they can manifest into physical ailments including back pain, high blood pressure, weight gain, and more. More than likely a partner or a family member has told them to seek out some help.

Many of the men that come to see me have patterns in their lives that they want to change; things that just aren’t working for them anymore and they know they want and deserve more. That little childish behaviour, the hurt inner child that wants attention and may seek it as an adult by eating or drinking too much or even having affairs, destructive ways to get the attention they didn’t get when they were younger. Occasionally a male client may want to commit to my quit smoking program and as they start talking to me, what often comes out is a fear of failure or a belief that ‘I AM’ a failure. It may be as a result of job dissatisfaction; relationship issues or they might be going through the emotional stresses of a divorced or starting a new relationship.

Clinical hypnotherapy works for both sexes, because when you are open and not fighting the analytical mind and bypass the critical faculty, you are able to hear your own solutions. It is very powerful and the awareness a client discovers is amazing. Hypnotherapy provides logical results because it is science-based reasoning and a qualified hypnotherapist doesn’t tell you how to feel, there is no judgment or finger pointing. Instead, hypnotherapy helps unlock the door to find the solutions that are within us all. Hypnosis Works


I believe in providing an affordable service for clients and aim to ensure that finances do not prevent someone from being able to access help and support when needed.

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